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RfR Co-Founders, Kristy Wieber & Lisa Owen

RfR Co-Founders, Kristy Wieber & Lisa Owen

When we launched Rent frock Repeat in 2011, we were solving a personal pain point: needing a dress for a special event, but not wanting to spend money on something that was going to be worn once, only to sit in an already overstuffed closet.  Over the course of our sharing economy journey, and from listening to our members’ feedback, we realized we could solve a much bigger pain point: getting dressed every day.

Our size changes, our style changes, our lifestyle changes, our career changes and we try to have a closet to keep up with it all.  We all want to look and feel our best. We want to be READY for whatever each day brings our way.

We spend a lot of money on, and time in, our clothes, but rarely have what we want to feel our best. We have, on average, 136 pieces in our closet yet, we only wear 27 regularly.

We are changing that by providing a curated rotating closet, with a large selection of both established and upcoming designers, fresh styles, colors, prints, trends and sizes. All the variety. None of the commitment.


Our mission is to help you look and feel READY to take on the day.  We want to make getting dressed effortless and enjoyable. 


Our vision is to change the way we collectively consume fashion by giving you what you need, when you need it.


By offering you a beautiful, curated, rotating closet delivered to your door every month.  

By combining technology and experienced stylists, we will give members variety without commitment, clutter, and unnecessary accumulation. 

By giving you more than just the option to buy, we will offer easy renting options that work with your changing lifestyle.  

By taking on the responsibility for each garment from cradle to grave rather than putting that burden on you.   

We will reduce fashion’s carbon footprint.


o   On average, we have 136 pieces of clothing in our closet and only regularly wear 27.*
o   10% of women say they are depressed when they open their closet.*
o   12% is simply unworn
o   21% is unwearable (stained, faded, needs repair)
o   24% is too loose
o   31% is too tight
o   Women want to spend less time getting ready (they have companies to build, future leaders to nurture, hell to raise…). 
1 in 2 women feel their lives would be easier with a personal stylist.*
o   The way we consume HAS to change (our planet depends on it) and sharing means less items are being manufactured and each piece has a longer shelf life.  The average garment is worn only 7x before being thrown out*.  

*stats from https://www.thredup.com/resale

what our members are saying

I’d love to be more stylish and have the interest, just not the time or fashion sense. I’m excited about the prospect of your business.
— Patti M.

“Tired of shopping for work clothes!”
- Stacey W.

- Alaina T.

“My primary goal is to augment/simplify my work clothes”
- Mariana S

I would prefer fewer, better quality pieces, than lots of fast fashion pieces. Looking to create a look that is more distinct, without having to go shopping to many different stores.
— Xaine K.