What if I only need a special dress for one occasion?

You can still use the service! Because you can start, pause or cancel your subscription at any time, you have total flexibility.  Simply start your subscription at least 2 weeks prior to your event so that you receive your selection in plenty of time. You can choose which dresses you want to arrive and then you’d have them for the month, which allows you to not only have enough time to put together shoes and accessories, but also gives you the opportunity to make a last minute choice if you can’t decide between your options. If you aren’t in need of our services going forward, simply put your membership on hold. All of this for approximately the same price you would have paid for a 4-day rental for one dress.


Not sure which dresses to pick? Stylists will be on hand to help you and will be able to access your style profile to make a truly personalized pick! Your feedback on the dresses is added to our data and we continue to learn and improve as we work with you.